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Mama's Family is an American television sitcom that premiered on NBC on January 22, 1983. It ended its run on that network in May 1984 when it was cancelled, but NBC would continue to air reruns until September 1985. In 1986, Mama's Family returned in syndication, where it aired for an additional four seasons, ending on March 12, 1990. Mama's Family is a spin-off of a recurring series of comedy sketches called The Family, which appeared on The Carol Burnett Show in the 1970s.

The show, set in the small fictional Southern town of Raytown, revolved around a typical squabbling family, headed by Thelma Harper — a buxom, blue-haired, purse-lipped, 65-year-old widow, who is loudmouthed and outspoken. Living with Thelma originally was only her uptight spinster sister Fran, a journalist for a local paper. Thelma's son, Vinton (whose wife, Mitzi, had left him to become a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas, Nevada) and his two children, Sonja and Buzz, moved in with her later.

During the first season, Vinton forged a relationship with the Harper’s flirtatious next-door neighbor Naomi Oates (whom Thelma had a distaste for), and soon married her. Also seen on a recurring basis were Thelma’s two daughters: the snobbish Ellen (Betty White), and the ornery Eunice (Carol Burnett). Harvey Korman, who directed many of the earlier episodes, made featured appearances as Eunice’s husband, Ed Higgins. He also appeared at the beginning of each episode as the stuffed shirt Alistair Quince, who would soberly introduce the program in the style of Masterpiece Theatre. These monologues were cut out of the later syndicated reruns and the subsequent DVD release of the first season.

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Mama’s Family DVD complete series collection with all episodes and seasons on DVDs

Mama’s Family is an American situation comedy, first broadcast on NBC channel in 1983. It was produced, with long one-year breaks, until 1990, but in fact the series is a remake of a successful comedy from the 70’s, The Family, broadcast by the Carol Burnett Show.

The comedy shows the lives of two women living together " Thelma Harper, also known as Mama, played by Vicki Lawrence and her younger sister Fran Harper, who occupied a journalist position at a local newspaper. Fran was not Mama’s only relative. Mama’s son, Vinton (Ken Berry), together with his two teenage girls, Buzz and Sonja moved in with the two older women during the first season, despite Fran’s protests; a few seasons later he was going to marry a neighbor, Naomi Oates (Dorothy Lyman).

Vinton also has two sisters, Ellen and Eunice. Ellen (Betty White) is the snobbish, older sister, who thinks she is better than the rest of her family, because she is rich, unlike the rest of them. She even brags about her money in reproach to their lack of achievements. Eunice (Carol Burnett) is also older than Vinton experiences contradictory feelings " she hates her older sister, yet she envies her and cannot help herself from being a drama queen and complaining about everything and everyone. One of her constant victims is her own husband, Ed Higgins, who is not an accomplished man and that bothers Eunice a lot.

After one of the breaks of the movie, in 1986, a lot of characters were eliminated under various excuses " Vinton’s teenager girls Buzz and Sonja apparently graduated from high school and moved out to live their own lives, Fran diet because she chocked on a toothpick, Ellen simply vanishes from the movie, with no explanation whatsoever, and the couple Eunice and Ed move out to Florida. Another character in now introduced into the picture, Iola Boylen (Beverly Archer), who lives with her mother. Actually, it can be said that Iola practically lives alone since her mother never comes out of the house and refuses to see anyone, shutting herself off into her daughter’s house.